ISSST Proceedings

The following are papers presented at ISSST 2013 and online for participants:

Titles Authors
Session: ICT with Debra Horn
The need for consumption-based impact estimation of ICT-based behaviors Paul Teehan
Efficient Resource Management for Sustainable Mobile Computing Toolika Ghose, Shubhangi Argade, Vinod Namboodiri and Ravi Pendse
Energy and Environmental Implications of Home Movie Rental Samuel Markolf, Tom Cosgro, Phi Nguyen and Chris Hendrickson
Session: Energy/Thermo with Tim Gutowski
Thermodynamic limits of energy efficiency of process chains: mobility powered by corn-based ethanol versus flat-plate silicon photovoltaic panels Eric Williams, Ashok Sekar and Schuyler Matteson
Limits of Energy Resources Use in Traditional Technological Processes Rahul Nehete, Cheng-Nien Yu and Dusan Sekulic
Municipal Solid Waste Management Options in India: Insight from Exergy Analysis Sachin Jadhao, Sunil Shingade, Aniruddha Pandit and Bhavik Bakshi
Session: Resilience with Vikas Khanna
Issues on Energy Sustainability: Consumption, Efficiency, and Environmental Impact Leisha Vance, Tarsha Eason and Heriberto Cabezas
Session: ICT with Colin Fitzpatrick
Life Cycle Assessment of Lithium-ion Batteries with Silicon Nanowire Anode for Electric Vehicles Bingbing Li, Jianyang Li and Chris Yuan
Session: Energy/Fuels with Dusan Sekulic
Integrated supply chain, delivered costs and life cycle assessment of several lignocellulosic supply systems for biofuels, bioenergy and bioproducts in the Southern U.S. Jesse Daystar, Carter Reeb, Ronalds Gonzalez, Trevor Treasure, Richard Venditti and Steve Kelley
Profitability Benefits of Flexible Carbon Capture and Storage David Luke Oates, Peter Versteeg and Eric Hittinger
Photovoltaic Capacity Additions: The optimal rate of deployment with sensitivity to time-based GHG emissions Dwarakanath T R, Mikhail Chester, Thomas Seager and Matthew Fraser
Session: Dynamic GHGs with Alissa Kendall
Transit-oriented Development Deployment Strategies to Maximize Integrated Transportation and Land Use Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Reductions Dr. Mikhail Chester and Dwarakanath Ravikumar
An LCA of Orchard Production Systems Using Novel Impact Assessment Methods for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Alissa Kendall, Elias Marvinney and Sonja Brodt
Session: Sustainable Consumption with Troy Hawkins
TURINEX: A Social Science Tool to Help Understand and Predict Sustainable Consumption Andrew Berardy, Thomas Seager, Evan Selinger and Russell Uhl
A comparison of methods for calculating the carbon footprint of a product Anthony Barnett, Richard Barraclough, Victor Becerra and Slawomir Nasuto
ImpactMap: Designing Sustainable Supply Chains by Incorporating Data Uncertainty Mark Fuge, Katherine McKinstry and Kevin Ninomiya
Session: Decision Analysis with Brian Dyson
Value Measurement Analysis of Energy Tradeoffs in South Africa Valentina Prado-Lopez, Theodor Stewart, Marek Makowski and Detlof von Winterfeldt
Session: Sustainable Healthcare with Melissa Bilec
The Role of Building Information Models in Efficient Delivery of Sustainable Healthcare Systems Kristen Parrish
Session: LCA Innovation II with Mike Griffin
More emerging issues for Life Cycle Assessment Data and Databases Joyce Cooper
Session: Infrastructure with Mike Chester
Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Conventional, Glass Powder an Alkali-activated Slag Concrete and Mortar Mohan Jiang, Xiaoju Chen, Chris Hendrickson and Farshad Rajabipour
Comparing the Impact of Energy Model Results on Energy Life Cycle: Focus on High Performance Residential Building Christi Saunders, Amy E. Landis, Laura A. Schaefer, Alex K. Jones, Melissa M. Bilec
Session: Modeling Sustainable Systems with Andres Clarens
Integration of Life Cycle Assessment, Pollution valuation models, and Benefit Cost Analysis: case study of Monoethanolamine Carbon Capture and Sequestration Ashok Sekar, Eric Williams and Mikhail Chester
LCA Innovation I with Raymond Smith
Allocation in LCA as an Ill-Posed Problem: How it can be used to get your desired result and what can be done about it? Rebecca Hanes, Nathan Cruze, Prem Goel and Bhavik Bakshi
The use of regression in streamlined life cycle assessment Rebecca Hanes, John Davenport, Bhavik Bakshi and Prem Goel
Streamlined Life Cycle Assessment through Materials Classification and Under-specification Lynn Reis, Elsa Olivetti and Randolph Kirchain
Session: Buildings with Kristen Parrish
Unexploited Solar Energy Capture within the Built Environment: Prototypical Eco-Industrial Collaboration Mitchell NewDelman
Session: EOL with Seung Jin-Lee
Molecular Sorting — Recycling in a new Dimension Robert Becker and Joerg Woidasky
End-of-life lithium ion batteries from electric vehicles: a future perspective on waste flows Kirti Richa, Callie Babbitt, Xue Wang and Gabrielle Gaustad
EOL Product Remanufacturing and reuse economics: Consumer-side and producer-side Malima Wolf and Timothy Gutowski
Session: Transport with Matt Eckleman
Automotive transition to sustainable technology mix, a response to CAFÉ standards Alan Jenn, Christian Blanco, William Chernicoff and Ines Azevedo
Session: Education II with Jacqueline Isaacs
Reinventing the Modern American University (again) Thomas P. Seager
Spaces of Resonance: Towards a useful framework for the collaborative life of groups engaged in sustainability Alan Bush
Reframing Interdisciplinary Approaches to Systems Thinking for Sustainability Fazleena Badurdeen, Adam Brown, Hai Fu, Robert Gregory, Margaret Mohr-Schroeder, Dusan Sekulic, Leslie Vincent and Gregory Luhan
Poster Session
Solid State Lighting: A Nanoenabled case study in Sustainability Andrea Hicks and Thomas Theis
A Development-Based Approach to Global Climate Policy Susan G. Spierre, Thomas P. Seager , Evan Selinger
A Systems Engineering Calorimetry Curriculum Approach for Educational Explorations of Bike Machine eMergy Sanford Rotter and Kelly Koller
Emergy Analysis of Bioethanol production from lignocellulosic agro-industrial waste from India Prasad Mandade, Bhavik Bakshi and Ganpati Yadav
Environmental Effects from Electric Vehicle Technology Adoption in an Urban Environment: Los Angeles County Jae D. Kim
Functions of Stakeholders for Diffusion of Energy Efficiency Technologies in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises: A Case Study of the Sri Lankan Apparel Industry Shakila Madhushani Pathirana and Masaru Yarime
Geographic Differences of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Electric Vehicle Operations Fan Yang and Chris Yuan
Increasing the sustainability of durum wheet cultivation through a life cycle assessment approach Luca Fernando Ruini, Michele Zerbini, Filippo Sessa, Massimo Marino, Pieruigi Meriggi and Matteo Ruggeri
Is healthy eating, healthy for the environment?  The BCFN double food pyramid Luca F. Ruini, Roberto Ciati, Carlo Alberto Pratesi, Massimo Marino and Sonia Pignatelli
Life Cycle Assessment in Policy-Making: Identifying Gaps Between Intent and Action William Walker, Christopher Bosso, Matthew Eckelman and Jacqueline Isaacs
Managing the End-of-Use of Wind Turbines Katherine Ortegon, John W Sutherland and Loring Nies

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