Instructions for Authors

Papers submitted prior to ISSST2014 will be circulated digitally on  ISSST participants will be able to post comments and discuss the papers even prior to attending the symposium.  Authors may then revise their papers, based on the feedback they get online and in person at ISSST.  Authors that elect to publish an archival copy of their conference paper will be included in the final Proceedings of ISSST2014, which will be published digitally on figshare.  Each paper will have a unique digital object identifier, will be indexed and searchable via, and licensed with the Creative Commons CC-BY. Authors retain ownership of their papers.

STEP-BY-STEP DIRECTIONS (See Diagram on page 3)

Please check previous year’s ISSST proceedings to see how your paper will look like in ISSST 2014. Full access to previous year’s proceeding is available through figshare.

Following is a step-wise description for circulating your paper among the ISSST participants, and for publishing it as part of the Proceedings in a searchable, and archival record with its own Digital Object Identifier (DOI).

  1. Download the ISSST2014 Proceeding Template (in MS-Word format).
  2. When you’ve finalized your submission, upload your file to (before or on 6 May) using the passcode in your acceptance email.
  3. To disseminate the papers in advance of ISSST2014, our staff will upload the symposium papers behind a password-protected wall on Draft papers will not be searchable or accessible by the public. Only ISSST registrants will have the password.
  4. Read the full papers online, especially those in your session.
  5. Using the comments window on, comment directly on the papers that interest you.  These comments are not anonymous, but are part of peer-review.
  6. Present your paper in real life (IRL) at ISSST2014!
  7. Authors will be able to revise their papers in response to feedback they get at ISSST2014.  Authors are expected to respond to comments, explaining how they’ve revised their paper or why they will not.
  8. When participating as an audience member IRL, make constructive comments on the and ask probing questions of the authors.
  9. The Session Chairs will serve in the role of Associate Editors of their respective sessions and provide the Editors comments by May 30, 2014, both more informal comments from the conference interactions and formal comments through traditional paper peer-reviews.
  10. Editors will send you final review comments by June 13, 2014.
  11. For those that want to publish their work in the Proceedings, upload a final version of your conference paper prior to June 27, 2014.  Grant permission to ISSST to publish your paper (or poster) under a Creative Commons license (CC-BY) on  (ISSST staff will create an account for you if you don’t already have a figshare account).
  12. Record your unique DOI and update your c.v.!  (Note that readers can make additional comments on figshare and that you can discover how often your paper is downloaded by using the analytics provided by figshare).


  • Please use Template available from ISSST 2014 website.
  • Use the Arial font.
  • Use 11 point size font throughout unless changing heading sizes
  • Set the margins at 1” top, bottom, and sides.
  • Do not number the pages
  • Single space the document.
  • Do not indent the first line of each new paragraph. Leave a blank line between paragraphs.
  • Limit the paper to 6 pages, excluding the references page.


  • May 6: Upload your draft paper to
  • May 30: Session Chair will deliver comments to Editors.
  • June 13: Editors send comments to Authors.
  • June 27: Authors incorporate reviewer comments and submit final paper to
  • July 11: Editors approve or suggest changes to papers. If approved, the paper is considered final.
  • July 18: Publication of ISSST2014 Proceedings on figshare.




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